Summer is gone. We have set up your favorite hot drinks for the winter season. Weather it be buttered rum or coffee regular and decaf, we've got it for you. 

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We have the largest selection of your favorite Spirits in the area. We feature all the Johnny Walker Scotch's as well as a large selection of Vodka's. Maybe you would enjoy a bottle of Dom Perignon after a long day at work. Whatever your taste, we can accommodate you at New Ulm's favorite Meeting place, the B&L Bar.



Get your orders in for the new collectable token from the B&L. This coin commemorates the 150th year anniversary of the US Dakota War. They sell for $ 4 each limit 6. They may be redeemed for a beverage of your choice. 

Our Off Sale prices are very competitive. We provide special services like free cups and ice for your home parties or weddings. We feature keg beer, and a great wine selection as well as your favorite spirits.

Schell "Deer Brand" Original & Light
Schell Oktoberfest
Schell Shocked Radler
Schell Voyage Amber
Schell Fire Brick
Grain Belt Premium & Light
Grain Belt Nordeast
Schell Goosetown
Schell Snowstorm
Schell Dark
Schell Hefewizen
Schell Chimney Sweep
Michelob Golden Light
1919 Root Beer
Blue Moon
Stella Artis

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The Washington Post Published: December 6


When I met George at the Brown County Historical Society, inside a German Renaissance baroque-style building, I asked him how German New Ulm is. Extremely, he replied: With more than 65 percent of its residents claiming Germanic ancestry, New Ulm purports to be the most German town in the United States. Moreover, it is even more German than Germany. The New World destination was established in 1854, 17 years before the creation of the country known as Deutschland.

George took me straight to the epicenter of New Ulm, the B&L Bar. On a midday Friday, a smattering of men were sipping brews beneath the nearly 120-year-old stamped tin ceiling. The local beer, Schellís, flowed from 11 taps.

To celebrate the holiday, the bar will host the Concord Singers, a German menís choir, on Christmas Eve. The cocktail of the night is obvious: Schellís limited-edition holiday beer. This year, the special flavor is Biere de Noel. The light amber beer has a French connection, but remember, Christmas is the time to let go of centuries-old grudges and, as the German drinking song goes, ďZicke zacke zicke zacke heu heu heu!Ē


If you are in a reading mood, learn a little more about the storied past of the 'Beautiful Lounge.'

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